Monday, 9 November 2009

White flowers with dots on pink nails

Today`s colour is pink! So I made my nails pink:

I am sorry about the quality of my photos, but they are made with my phone since my camera is broken :(
And on that beautiful pink nail polish I started makeing one white flower. I used the thin brush, but if you don`t have a thin brush you can use as well an toothpick and started makeing dots.
I made a first dot, where i wanted to be the center of the flower, and another five dots around the first one as petals, something like that:

To add a little bit of glamour, I coloured the dot who`s in the center of the flower with silver nail polish, you can leave it blank, or use any other colour you like. And  I thought that the nail was too simple, so I added another six dots: three on the left side of the flower, the other three on the right side and the result was:

I hope you liked it and good luck in makeing them :)
Later edit (my camera is back again):

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