Sunday, 28 March 2010

Blue gradient nails with a white flower

I promised I`ll do a tutorial with this manicure, so I made it but now on short nails. I added a white flower just to make sure I haven`t forgot how to draw the flowers :)

And here is the tutorial:

Thank you for watching and I hope you liked it!


  1. So pretty! And great tutorial!

  2. @Sylvia: Thank you very much! I wasn`t sure if anyone can understand anything from that tutorial :). I`m very glad you like it!!
    @Heather: Thank you very very much! :*

  3. Super ,super misto! Iti multumesc ca ai postat si filmuletul :) Manichiura asta mi se pare perfecta pentru iea ta alba si blugi ....e minunata!

  4. Multumesc mult de tot Diana! Daaa uitasem complet de bluza aia :)))) Oricum manichiura asta merge la blugi... de minune!!

  5. Thank you very much Turtle!!

  6. Thank you! Very pretty!, You are good with those brushes! ;).
    I am still practicing ^_^