Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Pink nails and rhinestones

I`m still waiting for spring even if here is still snowing ...
So.. I painted my nails with pink nail polish, added some rhinestones and some small pearls ... and please Spring come!!!

I hope you like it!


  1. Ofcourse I like it;). Very chic.

  2. And i'm waiting for autumn...I'm hoping to improve the heat and cool a little :) Great nails!! love your polish!

  3. Gorgeous mani, but what nail polish are you wearing?

  4. Lovely! I love those tiny little pearls!

  5. Hi
    I am nail designer in italy.
    Your nails is wonderfull:)

  6. You ladies, make my day better! Thank you very very much to all!!!

    @Skulda: Thank you very much!

    @Manicure Time: Thank you so much!!

    @TIPS ON NAILS: Thank you!!!

    @Cah_nossovicio: :D Sometimes in summer, when it`s too hot I miss autumn too, I confess, but never winter!! Thank you!

    @gildedangel: Thank you very much!

    @poshnail: I wear a very cheap nail polish: "Classics", no 227 (turkish nail polish). :D. Not being a famous brand I was a little bit ashamed that`s why I usualy not name my nail polishes :P

    @SeeingSunshine: Thank you! I love the little pearls too :D

    @Alimc Nail-design: Thank you! Your kind words means a lot to me!

  7. This is very pretty :) So springlike!

  8. Very cute, and great choice of colors. Love the concept.

  9. Great nails, beautiful hands and awesome designs! I'm gonna go to see all of your works right now!

    PS. Thx for following my blog :)

  10. Thank you very very very much!!