Saturday, 17 April 2010

An award and a challenge!

Thank you so much Danussik for award/chalenge.
 1. Have a nickname?
 Not really, Liana is my name and nickname.
 2. Where do you live?
 Constanta, Romania
3. Height?
 1.77 m
4. Name day?
5. Occupation?
 Computer programmer.
6. Any brothers/sisters?
 Yes, an older brother and a youger sister.
7. Native language?
 8. Any others languages you speak?
 9. You collect .....
 Except nail polish? Nothing..I`m not really a collector.
10. Shoes number?
 39 .
11. Studies?
12. Fav subject?
 Me :)))) I could talk about me for hours :))) I`m kidding, except manicures I like to talk about book, computers, videogames, movies, gym,etc..
 13. Hobbies?
 Drawing, nails, books, videogames, jogging there would be much more but this is the top 5 :D
 14. Pocket money?
 15. Dreams?
 Heh, who doesn`t have?
 16. Lucky number?
 I love numbers, I think they are all lucky :)
17. You would like to visit again.....?
 Plaiu Foii (Zarnesti/Romania) I could visit that place every year.
18. Pets?
19. A wish ?
 Healthy, for me, my family and my friends...

 I award and tag Sylvia and April from Wizards of Bling, Diana from Vogue and everybody else.


  1. Aww, Thanks so much! That's so sweet!

  2. I think numbers are lucky too. My favorites are double numbers like 11,22,and 77.

  3. My favourite numbers are 5,10,15... multiples of 5 :D