Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I was a dragonslayer

I have a confesion to make: four years ago I was a WoW addict (World of Warcraft for the non-players). I was playing all night long with my husband (we were not married back then) and our first concern was killing dragons.
We still buy the new addons, every time Blizzard releases one but the WoW time is gone, we usually get borred after a month or two.
So, this nail design is for the old times, the old WoW friends, the dragon slayers, the dragon lovers, the nail art lovers and for you my ladies who are allways so kind to follow my blog. *hugs and kisses*

I hope you like it!

I got my inspiration from this old Tshirt:


  1. ONY!!!!!!!!! Rad.
    I still play WoW. they released an Onyxia dragon whelping pet in.. er... November? She prepares to do a "Deep breath" and coughs a puff of smoke. :P

  2. Doamne, la ce te-a dus mintea...E super , super tare!!! Chiar am ramas fara cuvinte si ma inclin ,umila, in fata ta.
    Am speechless, i can only say WOW !

  3. I love this! And it looks so cool with the silver tips!

  4. @Skulda: I look at your profile photo and all I can say is "For the Horde!!!!" ( troll priest here). Ony was a sweetheart back then, I heard Blizzard made her a sweetheart again :d. I remember my Ony first kill, I was the first priest in the guild with the tier2 head piece, spent all my dkp on it! Heh...old times.... :D

    @Diana: Multumesc mult iubita :*

    @Sylvia: Thank you very much, I`m so glad you like it! xoxo

  5. Superbe ! Foarte frumoase unghiile tale ,ppptiuuu sa nu le deochi :*