Thursday, 20 May 2010

Manicure for a lazy day

Today I was so lazy, and I wasn`t feeling like painting on my nails so I remembered my friend Oana, who gave me that beautiful nail polish! To complete the look I used a sticker on the ring finger. 
I  like how it turned out and I hope you like it too!

Have a nice day!
With flash:

No flash, indoor light:


  1. I love this purple color - almost satiny finish. And the accent on your ring finger is tasteful and well placed. Very lovely mani to get out of the nail polish blahs!

  2. Thank you so much ladies, I`m so glad you like it!! *big kisses*

  3. Ce fain aratăăăă :))))
    Aşteptăm manichiură cu cea turcoaz.... cu negru, gen zebră aşa, cum le făcusei pe alea cu modele neregulate pe alb :X :X :X

  4. oja asta e deosebita? e mai scumpa? arata tare bine!

  5. Multumesc mult fetele!! Iubita mea, cel pe turcoaz e pe vine, in weekend iar am fost o puturoasa si n-am avut chef de nimic :(
    Paula, oja am primit-o... nu stiu cat de scumpa este, dar pot sa spun ca si camera foto a scos tot ce era mai frumos din oja aia :))